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              Huawei Annual Report

              annual report cv en
              2020 Annual Report

              In 2021, we will continue to find ourselves in a complex and volatile global environment. Resurgence of COVID-19 and geopolitical uncertainty will present ongoing challenges for the global community. Huawei believes deeply in the power of digital technology to provide fresh solutions to the problems we all face. We want to create digital technology that makes lives better, makes businesses more intelligent, and makes society more inclusive. This will ultimately bring us closer to a fully connected, intelligent world.

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              Past Annual Reports

              ar2019 en cv list
              PDF (9.68MB)
              Annual Report 2019
              AR2018 en
              PDF (12.9MB)
              Annual Report 2018
              AR2017 en
              PDF (9.5MB)
              Annual Report 2017
              AR2016 en
              PDF (9.7MB)
              Annual Report 2016
              AR2015 en
              PDF (9.83MB)
              Annual Report 2015
              AR2014 en
              PDF(6.8MB)and Appendix(358KB)
              Annual Report 2014
              AR2013 en
              PDF(7.2MB)and Appendix(873KB)
              Annual Report 2013
              AR2012 en
              PDF (6.69MB)
              Annual Report 2012
              AR2011 en
              PDF (12.0MB)
              Annual Report 2011
              AR2010 en
              PDF (3.30MB)
              Annual Report 2010
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