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              Building a Fully Connected, Intelligent World

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              4 Pillars of an Intelligent World

              Driving Ubiquitous Connectivity

              Connectivity is a basic human right – the foundation for human progress and economic growth. Connections will soon become a natural and ubiquitous resource, provided by networks that proactively sense changes and user needs. These networks will offer intelligent, seamless, and secure connections to people and things whenever and wherever they want. With the advent of 5G, we begin a new chapter in this story.

              Enabling Pervasive Intelligence

              In the digital economy, computing power is a new driver of production. Data itself is a core asset, and cloud and AI are the new tools of productivity. Moving forward, AI computing will account for more than 80% of a computing center’s capacity, providing the muscle for practical AI applications in all areas of life. To deliver ubiquitous cloud and pervasive intelligence, we will need to provide the ultimate computing power.

              Delivering a Personalized Experience

              With the continuous evolution of smart devices, a seamless experience across all scenarios will become the foundation of an intelligent life. Using AI, cloud, and big data technologies, businesses can better understand their customers’ needs and innovate with greater agility to craft a more personalized experience. Coordination and collaboration across industries will drive innovation at scale.

              Building a Digital Platform

              A new digital wave is sweeping the globe. Digital and AI technologies are helping all governments and businesses become more agile, efficient, and dynamic. Open, secure, flexible, and easy-to-use digital platforms are facilitating innovation and transformation in all industries. They will be the bedrock and the fertile ground for our digital society to flourish.

              Leaving No One Behind in the Digital World

              Tech is good. Pass it on.

              The benefits of digital technology shouldn't just be available to those who can afford it. Huawei's mission is to expand the benefits of technology to everyone, everywhere. To achieve this, we've developed a digital inclusion strategy that focuses on three areas: technology, applications, and skills. We believe that technology will make life better for every individual, home, and organization. Together, we can make it happen.
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              Building an Intelligent Future with Intelligent Connections
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              Touching an Intelligent World

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              Powering Intelligent Connectivity with Global Collaboration
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              Building Solutions that Transform Industries
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              How AI is spicing up the food industry

              Hexa Food’s IoT team had deployed the Huawei’s ModelArts and Atlas 500 solution and the intelligent device to accurately identify the quality of chilies and distinguish good chilies from the bad, improving the production efficiency and quality of the spices in Malaysia.

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              Smart logistics leads us to a brighter future

              SF DHL Supply Chain China (SF DHL) and Huawei jointly developed yard management and RFID solutions to power the digitalization of the logistics industry.

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              CEM: Powering up Macau with smart grids

              Using smart grid technologies, Companhia de Electricidade de Macau (CEM) has improved the stability and quality of Macau's power supply.

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              Building World-changing Technologies

              Bringing new value with unprecedented network capabilities

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              HUAWEI CLOUD

              Accelerating digital transformation, innovation, and intelligence

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              HUAWEI AI

              Powering intelligence with all-scenario full-stack solutions

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              SustainabilityBuilding a Sustainable Future
              Huawei 2019 Sustainability Report

              Huawei is committed to minimizing the footprint of its manufacturing, operations, and products throughout their lifecycles. Our products and solutions help industries reduce emissions and develop circular economic processes as part of our ongoing efforts to work with all industry partners to build a low-carbon society.

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              Let’s Build a Fully Connected,
              Intelligent World Together
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